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I believe with all my heart, if you pray before you select a button, the Lord will help you choose just the right one. If the money you spend on just one button makes it possible for you to be a witness, wouldn't that in itself be worth it? Buy a couple, and give one to a friend. Tell other people about this website. I pray that every button is a blessing to the one who receives it. May the spirit of the Lord bless you for taking time to read this.

This website is dedicated to the Lord Jesus. All the money necessary to get this website started has been donated. To all the people who have given their time and talent, I thank you, and I ask God to bless you. ALL profits from this project go to feed the hungry children of this World.

NOTE:  My name is Judy Gunderson and I host this website.  Richard found me years ago and expressed his dream of selling these buttons to people, so they could spread the word of what God meant to them.  So I set him up with this website. 

Sadly for me, I just found out that Richard passed away in July of 2016.  Not sad for Richard... because he is with Jesus now!! 

I am setting this site to a "showcase" mode, in case anyone comes along.  I hope you will take some inspiration from Richard's work!


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